My yoga practice is one of the constants in life for the past twenty-seven years. I have had the opportunity to roll out my yoga mat in some pretty spectacular settings during that time. The Caribbean, Central and South America, South East Asia, and most recently The Philippines; it’s one of the basic essentials that I pack on my travels. This photo is on the veranda where I lived in the small village of Santa Cruz, Guatemala during Bali’s rainy season. Overlooking Lake Atitlan, it’s surrounded by volcanoes, Alex Huxley said, “it was the most beautiful lake in the world.” I would agree! Yoga has kept me centered when it felt like my world was spinning out of control and times when everything in my life was as calm as this lake that I looked at every day.

Sometimes just turning myself upside down for a few minutes can make everything feel like it is right side up!

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