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This is your invitation to join me on my travels on one of my trips or from your sofa via my photos, stories, and videos.  Subscribe to my blog to keep up-to-date on an invitation to join me on trips to exotic locations like Ubud, Bali, Luang Prabang, Laos (UNESCO World Heritage Center), Chiang Mai, Thailand,  and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (UNESCO World Heritage Center) all places I’ve visited numerous times. This is for small groups only, a maximum of ten.  I’ll be your personal travel coach, and guide, and make all the arrangements for your trip except for your plane fare. You just your plane ticket, show up at our destination and I’ll arrange an English speaking driver to pick you up at the arrival airport to take you to your accommodation. I’ll meet you there! How easy is that? Remember, only ten people so we can have an intimate experience with the local culture. No big bus tours for us! Create your own group of your besties and earn a special discount. Thinking about traveling solo as I have for years but not quite ready yet?  Contact me to arrange a personalized trip as your own private travel coach and guide and travel with me for a day, a week, two or more.  It’s an easy way to get your feet wet, build your travel confidence and learn the ropes with me by your side every step of the way. 

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The goal is to die with memories not dreams.  Anonymous


I didn’t always live my dream life. Eighteen years ago I had a stressed conventional lifestyle like most of you are familiar with.  I was a single mom, working full time, going to school full time at night and stressed to the max. I would have had a nervous breakdown but I didn’t have time! On the school break, I realized that I desperately needed a break! I took my first solo trip out of the country for six weeks: Tahiti, Australia, and Bali.

 I was bitten by the travel bug and my life changed because of it. I didn’t know at that time the trajectory of my life would be to live a “location independent lifestyle” as I am now.

I have a passion to share my lifestyle and travels with others. I’m living proof that traditional rules were made to be broken.

I’ve been working with women in different capacities for more than thirty years. First as a cosmetologist, making them look better on the outside so they could feel better about themselves, which works wonders for how they feel better on the inside! As I became more interested in holistic health, I became licensed as a massage therapist, working with chiropractors and at world-famous health spas in Southern California. Eventually, I started my own private practice.

My interest in a daily yoga practice led to teacher training at Sivananda Ashram and became certified in 1992. I rounded out my mind-body studies with a certification in hypnotherapy. All these practices contribute to a healthy, flexible mind and body allowing one to pursue their interests fully and to live the life of their dreams. It seemed inevitable that I would combine all my life studies and passions with a personal coaching certification. All this fits together like pieces of a puzzle, our bodies, minds, and emotions are so interconnected that it´s impossible to separate one from another as they work in concert with each other. One affects the other, always!

For me, I see how travel has transformed me on so many levels; my confidence, curiosity, adaptability, and cultural understanding with more compassion and tolerance for others, to mention just a few of the benefits.  Travel can be transformative as you experience yourself differently in an unfamiliar place.  You see the world in a new way and you may even see yourself in a new way. Sometimes our ingrained habits and belief systems fall away on our physical journey as well as our inner journey. Exploring cultures let us see how others live, perhaps different from us, but not necessarily better or worse. It allows our eyes and hearts to realize everyone is pretty much the same, no matter where we go. Being in a foreign country can be exciting, transformative and sometimes uncomfortable.


                                                    Bogor, Java, Indonesia

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Neale Donald Walsch

My friends joke that I couldn’t possibly need a vacation when I have lived in Bali, Indonesia most of the time since 2011, named the best global travel destination for 2017. That travel bug keeps biting me and I like to travel to several countries a year.

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