I had the delightful opportunity to attend Alexsandra Trevor’s Woman’s Retreat 2015 in beautiful Bali. It was touch & go for a while as I had an unexpected death in my family but A was flexible, encouraging & supportive. I’m so glad it worked out as Bali was just the place to heal my broken heart.

The energy & people are uplifting. Alexsandra had something fun & entertaining planned every day yet was always flexible & inquiring as to what the group wanted. Therefore we changed a few things & added some outings, all making it feel even more personalized.
I was fortunate to extend my stay at A’s suggestion and I’m now out on my own knowing that Alexsandra is only a phone call or text message away!  I say that in a loving & grateful manner as she’s been so generous & helpful. My own Mother could have taken lessons 🙂
So if you’re considering this next year, please just do it….I know my brother wished he had taken more time to really enjoy life.
Live your dreams & let Alexsandra help you!

After the big help, you gave me with coaching the other day, honestly, it was life-changing and look forward to the next one.
A revelation really, our session yesterday. I realize it’s unusual for me to be the focal point of a conversation, and I usually try and wriggle out of it and put it back on the other person but you don’t allow that when you are coaching! So I have to delve deeper than usual – helped by your excellent listening skills, reflections and questions – and that leads me to an internal place seldom visited. With results that kind of surprise and excite me!
So, thank you. Now I have to do my part, ie with this new awareness, make changes which will enhance my life.
L.S. New Zealand

I recently traveled with Alexsandra on a customized trip we planned together. I met up with her in Chiang Mai, Thailand and then we traveled from north to south through Vietnam; Trekking though rice fields in Sapa, loving the hustle and bustle of Hanoi and the beauty of the buildings in the old French Quarter, a two day sail through mesmerizing scenery in Batu Lang Bay and visiting the quaint town of Hot An. We timed the trip so we could spend a week in Luang Prabang, Laos, and see the amazing light festival there. The entire trip was so full of adventure, fun experiences, gorgeous sights, it was all truly memorable. It was so much more than I ever expected. I’ve been a world traveler for a long time, even working as a tour guide for many years so I know how to travel, but it was so much fun and interesting to do so with Alexsandra.
Jean K. Carlsbad, Ca.

Alexsandra suggested Luang Prabang, Laos as a place to visit and I’m so glad I had that experience. The Light Festival on the last full moon in October marking the end of the Buddhist Lent was magical. I highly recommend experiencing that. The Temples with orange-robed monks chanting, boat rides to caves and visiting weavers down the river, feeding the elephants, swimming in the waterfalls, riding bicycles around the peninsula in the quiet town were all special.  It was wonderful to be in a small group. Thank you for your travel expertise, I only wish I could have stayed longer.
M. Trent Del Mar, Ca.

I was in Bali for one month and A. offered suggestions to me before and after I was there that made my trip a more enriching experience. She arranged everything, making it so easy for me to relax and enjoy the beauty of the place and the people. The spa treatments, food, rice fields and temples were beautiful and I really felt like I was having a true Balinese experience instead of a tourist experience. Just what I wanted! I left there feeling renewed and rejuvenated in body, mind and spirit.
D. Robinson Oceanside, Ca.

Walking across a bamboo bridge through rice fields, snorkeling in the ocean, sleeping in a charming  wooden bungalow steps from a quiet beach, eating breakfast facing the ocean, blessings in water temples, these are just a few of the things that come to mind when I think back about my visit to Bali with Alexsandra. Sweet memories, time for contemplation from my busy life and connecting with A. made my visit there one I’ll always remember. Thank you so much.
D. Mandle

I think living in Bali has done wonders for you, no longer being harassed by American expectations of how you live this part of your life, and who you should be. Finally, a chance to grow and stretch into your own authentic wonderful self. I am thankful to be your friend.

Hi darling
Lovely to see you today. You really are such a glorious life-affirming presence!

Happy trails to you. I wish I had the balls you have to be living your life in Adventure, my dear women. Lead the way with!
Love you lots,
D. Ross

Thank you Alexsandra, You are always such a pleasant open-hearted person to spend time with. You are always welcome.

You are the one who shows up for loving and living life in the most creative and natural ways.

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